Web of Deceit

a tale of love, lust, desire and deceit

Predictably let down

Answer me just one question. Why is that the partner you want more than anything to acknowledge you lets you down? you know its going to happen, you can watch it unfold yet right to the last moment in time you think they are going to be there, then they let you down…….


So over the last few weeks I have been let down time after time. The first time, I was let down because the child was more important. Not his child, the child he sees as his own which has no blood ties.

Ok I get it, a ten year old boy is more important than I am. Well in his eyes. I am a grown up and I let that pass. I know that the time with a child is precious and you cant get it back. However when you are building a relationship you have to juggle your time. You are in danger if you push out too often that the person you think is your partner will disappear.

So the second weekend I am blown out for the same reason. Ok this time I think it must have something to do with me.

However the third weekend in a row it happens again. Now I am less than impressed. I have a big concert, he said he would be there, I have bought the ticket, the afternoon of the concert it doesn’t get mentioned. At this point I am passed caring, I give back the ticket as I know that they are gold dust and someone else would gladly like it.

The rehearsals happen, the phone call takes place, I explain I am at a concert, just had rehearsals and we are due to start shortly. ‘I didn’t know’ is the answer, at this point i explain not only have i mentioned almost every day, I have also written it on his calendar. I think as a mother you would call it selective hearing.

I am less that impressed. will i invite again, its highly unlikely. Will the relationship go forward, at this point of time I doubt it. Not only does he let down me down, he also is unable to hear me. These are two things that are kind of important. So I guess that although this relationship could have had feet, it could have moved forward the chances are he’s dug his own hole and hes buried himself in it.

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