Web of Deceit

a tale of love, lust, desire and deceit

Tolerance R US

I have thought about the One popping up on the scene. The excitement of having someone to go out with, go places with, discover new things and have adventures with is, has taken my thoughts by suprise this week.

How I miss having someone to have discussions with even if I don’t agree with them. I love the banter going backwards and forwards, knowing its really light hearted and neither one of you is going to be offended.

I miss that curling up on the sofa of a Sunday evening, when your too tired to move or make conversation and you just watch rubbishy television. Most of all I miss going on holiday with a like minded partner, not knowing where you are going but allowing spontaneity to happen, adventure to take over and discoveries to be achieved.

I get quite thoughtful as I imagine ‘The One’ coming along and helping me fulfill these things. Then the great big gong hits me, smack on the back of my head and I become quite overcome by panic.

Why, tolerance. Plain and simple. Can I actually tolerate someone in my life? Do I want to share the remote control, after all I like crappy dramas, American drivel and films that are soppy. Do I want to watch, nature programs,football and anything which may lead to me being educated?

Dilemma, then there is the banter, will it be light hearted or have I become opinionated? Could I accept anyone else’s point of view, and do I actually want to know it. Finally do I want to go away with anyone. I rather like lazy days, wine and the beach coupled with my kobo reader full of chick lit books and thrillers. Do I want to chat to someone about some architecturally  interesting building, or seeing  a view with someone nattering in my ear.

Ohhh I can see I am going to have to work on my tolerance. To try and work on not allowing people to annoy with their ways and their points of view. After all, having a partner means I need to accept them for who they are, allow them the space to be themselves, and when they are with me that we both adapt to one another. After all , he will have to tolerate me too….

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