Web of Deceit

a tale of love, lust, desire and deceit

Unconditional Love

It’s that all important word coupled with a word that people find hard to do. Love as we are told any fool can do. The unconditional bit is what is hard. Everyone seems to have some sort of agenda, ‘I will love you if….’  Or ‘you wouldn’t do that if you loved me’ these are all conditions to love.

If we step back slightly and take ourselves back to children they have the love that we are desired and look for. Whatever happens with a child they love you. They don’t question this love or demand it, they just love.

As to a pets love, well it’s the same sort of thing. No matter how much we are cross with our pet, annoyed or frustrated, they still absolutely adore and love you. It’s unconditional.

So why must we lay conditions to a partner. I am sure that we all do it at one point or another. Whether its in a disagreement, or trying to get our own way. We will use the joker card of ‘love’ in order to get what we want.

What would happen if we took the joker card away and said no more conditions? Could you love someone like that?

I can and I know I do have this capacity. How? Well I now have no agenda and no pre conceived ideas as to how I want my ‘love’ to be.  I know I want a man who is mobile, a job and a place to live however that is the same footings as me.  Other than that, I just want someone to be with, to be themselves and not be worried about awkward silences or where the relationship is going.

Then there is this feeling of I like you, I really like you, in fact I love you. I love being with you, I love your very essence and I just love you being you.     It’s unconditional and very simple… Love

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