Web of Deceit

a tale of love, lust, desire and deceit

The one……..Step right here

So the new year has arrived waving huge promises at as all. We laugh, smile and hug ourselves as we tell ourselves time for new resolutions and changes in our lives.

I have decided that new resolutions are not a good idea, they are so very easy to break and as I am easily lead astray I think I will have goals this year to aim towards and achieve.

Near the top of the list but not the first is the New Man goal. I know what I am looking for, however I am not searching for him or in need of him. I will be mighty glad when he has finally found me, or I him.

Having read an article in the news about Love and relationships this week, they said  in order for find ‘The One’ you first need to go through two marriages (tick) and two broken hearts (definite tick). Having mastered both criteria  I can now say that I am ready for ‘The One’. I just hope that he comes in the packaging that I am wanting, has an interesting brain ( no I wont be dissecting it) can drive a car (I don’t want to do all the driving), has a job ( I don’t mind what) and has some money to treat me sometimes. (well I don’t want it to become a habit, however it would be nice!)

So Mr ‘The One’ step right here because I am subconsciously looking for you, however you might need to trip me up or plant a big kiss on my cheek, as I am not looking for you I might miss you…………

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