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Monthly Archives: January, 2014

Tolerance R US

I have thought about the One popping up on the scene. The excitement of having someone to go out with, go places with, discover new things and have adventures with is, has taken my thoughts by suprise this week. How I miss having someone to have discussions with even if I don’t agree with them. …

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Unconditional Love

It’s that all important word coupled with a word that people find hard to do. Love as we are told any fool can do. The unconditional bit is what is hard. Everyone seems to have some sort of agenda, ‘I will love you if….’  Or ‘you wouldn’t do that if you loved me’ these are …

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The one……..Step right here

So the new year has arrived waving huge promises at as all. We laugh, smile and hug ourselves as we tell ourselves time for new resolutions and changes in our lives. I have decided that new resolutions are not a good idea, they are so very easy to break and as I am easily lead …

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