Web of Deceit

a tale of love, lust, desire and deceit

Out with the old and in with the new.

There are just 19 days left this year. As I reflect on loves and losses I am at that placid state of disbelief that I have been a little too needy this year.  I seemed to have attracted the less appreciative men from this land.

They themselves have been needy and I am wondering if this is what has drawn me to them.

It’s a bit like being happy, if you are happy, people are drawn to you, if your miserable well the miserable are at that side. It’s like a reinforcement of your own state of mind.

So what do I take from this as the calendar flips over? Well

Number one  -n on my list is to be happy and draw the right people into my space.

Number two – find a partner who is happy too.

Number three – enjoy every moment with that person, not matter how little I see them.

Number four get rid of the dead wood – I mean those people who pop up on your phone who just text.

Number five – just keep friends – if they don’t ring or see me, then they don’t really care and they are not really a friend just someone I know.

Number six – live life. See if being positive makes a difference.


And just so that you all know, in my little blue book (NO NOT BLACK) I have written down exactly whom I would like it would be nice to come back in a year and see if I achieved that, or is it going to take just a little bit longer.

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