Web of Deceit

a tale of love, lust, desire and deceit

Affection for perfection

There is that gentle fondness that consumes us that we call affection, it runs very high in our needs and wants from a partner. It is something that if it isn’t there, then a relationship is most likely to fail.

It’s the little things like, ‘how are you?’ kind words when you’ve had a bad day, or being able to ring or text and say them back. There is that wanting to return affection not just to receive it.

There is that physical part that follows, holding hands, being hugged tightly, kissed not just on the lips but head or hands as a gesture of love and affection.

What is most important is that feeling of love, being able to say it opening, without any awkward moments, but also being told it too. Not just as an automatic response but with feeling and gestures.

So the man who thought that he wanted to be close and be my partner I’m not sorry to tell you but ‘it aint going nowhere’ as I use a good friends phrase and this is why:-

Your lack of affection just shows me that you are just going through the motions because it might be something I want to hear and it is not really how you feel. In all honestly you don’t mean those words you say, and now as I realise this, my goodness me I finally feel liberated.

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