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Monthly Archives: October, 2013

What’s in a Kiss?

Everything is in a Kiss. As the song goes ‘a kiss is just a kiss.’ Is it thought? I think that there is more than one type of kiss. There is the one that you place upon your child’s forehead, or their cheeks. To me that says ‘I love you and have a good day. …

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Holding, squeezing or grasping hands…….. what do you prefer?

Holding hands is a symbolic gesture of affection and intimacy that is not necessarily romantic? As parents we hold our children’s hands to help them and us feel secure. We may hold friends hands or even those of our siblings. It’s a way of connecting with one another. On a romantic level the hand holding …

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The perfect cuddle.

Following last week’s idea of keeping things simple in my life, my mind was set to thinking about what it is I am after and what I really miss. The very thing that popped up was the cuddle. You can have friends to chat and laugh with. They give you a warm glow as you …

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Keep it simple.

Its amazing how complicated we make our lives. From the every day dashing around to work, to copious amounts of coffee drunk in various coffee houses in one day, to being with or even finding a partner. I can admit to the first and last, but the coffee I would love to do, in order …

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