Web of Deceit

a tale of love, lust, desire and deceit

Monthly Archives: August, 2013

Strike 3 and your out!

“> So last week I had my revenge but not vengeance because that is unsatisfactory and the more you are vengeful the more it eats you away and comes back on you, it completely escalates. Revenge done, I feel good again and now what is needed is to empower myself and remind myself that a …

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Deceit is a black cloud I am not sure there is a silver lining.

Well having taking control of my life back and accepting that the affair type relationship wasn’t going to work for me, I have fallen into yet another web of lies and Deceit.. I have decided that i must have mug, or stupid tattooed across my forehead. These men must see me coming a mile away. …

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The only thing for it…. The Dear John TEXT

Well I tried, I really did. I typed it several times on my phone and deleted them as well. Do you know how hard it is to say goodbye in a text, or maybe bugger off is a better way of putting it. Finally after an agonizing week, and No I avoided seeing him I …

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The Last Meeting

I know I would be the weak and feeble woman. I decided to do the decent thing and go for the meeting on neutral grounds so that I could just say what I wanted to say. I decided that pub was out of the question, I didn’t want a scene in front of anyone, coffee …

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