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Monthly Archives: June, 2013

Can’t live with him, can’t live without him

  It’s a cliché isn’t it? I go away for the weekend. I walk the dog as soon as I wake. I turned the phone off over night, as soon as I switch it back on and there they are, 15 text messages of urgency, not that he’s hurt or ill but of attention, he’s …

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Freedom comes as it should do. Without constraints of any nature. To do as I want, be where I want to be and most importantly be with whom I want to be. I know I want happiness, its not so much to ask for surely? I know it comes from within me. I know its …

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Married man or not

  In all honesty I am not sure it’s really worth it. They want you, they don’t want you. They don’t treat you, they don’t even want to go out with you. They want their cake and eat it. Quite literally, Sex and sex and little more.   Yes I know he says things like, ‘ …

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